After completing the bachelor's course, it is always a very beneficial option to pursue the Master's course as well. This helps to have a specialization in the general branch of studies and consequently distinguishes an individual from other competitors for job opportunities, thereby improving the career prospects. The Bachelors of Science (Information Technology) or Bsc IT is a very promising course attracting lucrative future prospects and hence, a lot of students opt for the same. But since the number of people pursuing the same is high, it is always advisable to go for higher education. There are various options after Bsc IT including MCA, MBA and MSc of which aspirants are often confused between MCA and MSc.

While all they are very promising, they differ in their course structure, their duration, eligibility, the focus of study and future prospects and career opportunities. Hence, it is important to evaluate both the options, their merits and demerits in order to decide which would be the best option for you after obtaining a degree in Bsc IT. The following are the important points for considerations:

  1. Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

MCA is a 3-year post graduation course that covers various topics relating to designing and programming. It focuses on the designing of the computer hardware and system software as well as the development of software. There are a plethora of career opportunities after this course as a person becomes eligible to perform various roles including that of a Software consultant, software engineer, system analyst, software developer, trouble-shooter, technical writer, web designer and developer etc.

Opting for MCA is very beneficial for the following reasons:

MCA is an application-based course and specialise the student for software application hence, various companies and firms prefer MCA graduates as they are better suited to work. They undergo application-oriented study and study management modules. The projects in MCA are related to software development.

The MCA is a very good option if one is clear with their intentions to get a job in a Multi-national Corporation or well-established Information Technology firm, since even though it completely closes doors for getting into academia and research, it provides a good degree of specialization and enables a student to prepare for placement in the first two years of the course and equips them to do freelancing work like making websites for clients.

It has a few demerits including the following:

The course duration is longer i.e. 3 years as compared to 2 years in M.sc. thus requiring more investment in terms of time, energy and money.

The course is narrower in scope since it covers only software and its application related field. The amount of experience MCA students get on lab works, practical training, projects etc. is lesser than the students of M.sc. get.

The job prospects are limited to software industries and hence, the students cannot explore various fields like academia and research along with Industry. Also, the MCA course is usually more expensive.

The MCA can be pursued by any graduate who has passed or is appearing for the final year of the degree examination in Engineering or Science at any approved university. Admission to MCA in premier institutions requires a good ranking in national entrance exams like NIMCET, GATE etc.

The best college in India to pursue MCA include NIT Warangual, NIT Trichy, University of Hyderabad and Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi.

  1. M.sc. Computer Science

M.sc. Computer science is a two-year program which focuses on Software development and Application. It makes a person eligible for various career opportunities including Software development, Testing, teaching, networking, IT consultant, Interface engineer, Web developer, System support administrator etc.

Opting for M.sc. is very beneficial for the following reasons:

The course is shorter in duration which makes it lucrative for those who want to start working early. M.sc. is a conceptual course focusing on science and course concepts like Theory of Automata, Programming Languages, Data Structures and Algorithms. The scope of the course is broader including computer sciences including both hardware and software field. Thus, students in this field have a better understanding of the advanced topics in a very dedicated and intensive matter.

The students of M.sc. are sought after by both software industries and research project works thus making the course more dynamic and versatile.

As a demerit, it can be highlighted that M.sc. is not a good option for those wanting to have a career in the IT industry as an MCA graduate is preferred by bigger companies as a Software Programmer and System Analyst.

This course is only recommended and available to persons having a strong background in the scientific and computational field. The entrance to Msc Computer science depends on the performance and expertise in graduation level programmes like Bsc but some institutions also take an additional entrance test.

On a comparison of both the options, we find that while both MCA and M.sc. have their merits and demerits; the choice is dependent on the personality as well as future plans of the pursuant. MCA programme strengthens computer application and grooms the software skills of the students while M.sc. IT makes then competent in the theory of IT, its technicalities, application and research.

Thus, if you are interested in doing part-time work or freelancing, have employable skills and do not have an interest in research and academia, then MCA is the perfect choice for you. It will make you specialised in the field of software application and equip you to work for MNCs and IT firms in India and abroad thus, making you very appealing to the employers.

M.sc. on the other hand is a very lucrative option for those who want a proper conceptual understanding of the subject with a broader scope of the study. This is the right choice for those aiming to pursue a career in research and academics that is the educational field.

If you are confused regarding the ultimate career plans that you would like to opt for, it will be appropriate to go for M.sc. course, in my opinion. This is because while MCA closes the doors for research work and academia, the M.sc. provides both options even though it is more difficult to secure a good job in the IT Industry.

Keeping these considerations in mind, it is clear that while both provide equally appealing career opportunities, an informed choice can be made between M.sc. and MCA as per your capability, interest and future plans. Apart from this, other options like an MBA can be pursued. So keep calm and choose what seems to click with you!



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