A comfortable life is possible only with a steady and permanent job in hand. No one can deny that. But job opportunities are limited in number compared to the number of aspirants who want them. It is thereby advised to opt for any course after thoroughly inquiring about the career prospects. What comes into your mind when you think of higher education? Medicine? Engineering? Law? That’s it? Yes, that is the situation with most of the young population out there. They think that these are the only streams available for further studies. But reality depicts something else. There are far too many options for technical studies available than most people usually think of. Such courses are not only gaining popularity nowadays but also generating loads of employment too.

Before indulging into the details of such studies, it is better to know what technical course actually means. A technical course is basically the full-fledged study of any subject-matter involving all sorts of programs, lectures, field work and so on. It helps you to gain complete information regarding that particular subject-matter thereby, helping you to prosper in future.

Some of the lesser known technical courses with good job prospects are mentioned below:


You would have been a huge fan of animated shows in your childhood and a regular at playing games available on mobile stores. The basis of such shows or games is animated creatures or background designed by people like you. You can opt for animation studies right after you finish high school. Needless to say, the basic qualification needed to become an animation artist is drawing or sketching skills and a creative mind. You can choose to specialize from a wide array of options available such as visual effects, mechanical animation, lighting, character animation, gaming and so on and so forth. After completing the course, you can become 2D or 3D animator, image editor, lighting artist, key frame animator, background artist etcetera. In simple words, there is a huge number of job roles that can be acquired after studying animation.

Rural Studies

 might sound weird but some colleges in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and even in Gujarat offers a bachelor’s as well as a master’s course in rural studies. If you are the one interested in activities benefitting the society as a whole, this course might just turn out to be made for you. You will be allowed to engage yourself in various community development programmes and the topics include cover forestry, environment and farm management, agriculture, child development and many more. Are you worried about not being able to compete with your friends later? You need not to worry as there are various organizations, both public and private who work for issues in the rural areas and remain keen to hire anyone with the required qualifications.

Audiologist or speech therapist

As is clear from the terms, such therapists are those who deal with the hearing defects in humans. They identify, treat and review disorders of the ears. Furthermore, they are well-trained to treat loss of hearing capabilities in children or new born babies so as to cure them for once and all. Haven’t you witnessed the ear devices that helped your favourite character hear things in movies? Say thanks to the audiologist out there. 

Dialysis technology

Dialysis is a process wherein a machine assumes the role of a kidney in a human body to purify blood when the kidney stops functioning. Students can study the dialysis technology and help those patients who suffer everyday problems due to the failure of their kidney (or, kidneys). Since it is a specialized job, finding work after completion of the studies is not a difficult task as more and more hospitals (even in India) are setting up dialysis facilities thereby, requiring more trained doctors.


India has a major chunk of population which suffers from some eye defect or the other. So if you are interested in medical courses, you can opt for Optometry. Optometry is the study of vision in humans. Such healthcare professionals are taught everything regarding the vision information processing in humans thereby, allowing them to test and correct vision faults. Moreover, they are qualified enough to handle eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts thus, helping a huge number of people from retaining their vision for life.

Automotive Engineering

One of the engineering course which is technically a combination of mechanical as well as electrical science is somehow not known to many. Who would not want to revamp their vehicles or design a new vehicle altogether? Automotive Engineering is something like that. These engineers use design software to create new samples of vehicles and include machine tools to assemble prototype parts for the purpose of testing. A four year course (same as any other engineering course) which will help you fill your pockets and fulfil the needs of the society of vehicles with fuel efficiency and economical.

Mining engineering

A discipline involving the application of extracting and processing minerals found in the natural environment. These engineers locate the minerals, such as petroleum and other useful natural resources so that they could be used for the society as a whole. The whole program is structured in a way to include both theory and practical training so that the students gain a proper understanding of the subject-matter. Different aspects of geology, metallurgy, design, construction are dealt with. Since not everyone can enter the mines and properly extract the minerals, mining engineers being experts in the field are chased by the public as well as the private enterprises dealing with mines.

The fact that we live in the 21st century which has improved greatly in terms of science and technology is reason enough to support the increase in the number of courses of study. Things are not the same as it was some years ago when there was very limited option other than medical science and engineering. Those who qualified for those streams were offered a variety of jobs while the others were left unemployed.

But today the situation has changed altogether. Students can now move beyond the traditional technical courses and opt for others such as those mentioned above which will also ensure a bright future. So this is the time that you start planning meticulously, invest time in understanding that one thing you are good at and select the course that best suits your requirement. Stop fearing the words of your elders that career prospects are strong only in traditional college studies and start researching on your own. So have you selected your course yet?





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