How to Become a Fashion Designer After 12th Class?


Choosing the right career path after 12th standard is no less than a challenge in itself. The entire focus of the students and their families is to ensure that the student takes a career which offers a perfect blend of security, handsome salary, job prospects, growth opportunities as well as is of a kind which is kept in high regards in the eyes of the society. In this pursuit, what we often forget is that a student might have a passion for a certain thing but owing to family pressure or peer pressure, he might not be able to express his desire to opt for a certain thing.


There are a number of students in India who although are capable of doing well in the convention and more popular streams such as engineering, medical, law and so on, but because they have a liking to something, they want to make a career in that field. One such area is fashion. Owing to the rate at which the Indian fashion industry has been constantly growing, there is a constant demand for fashion designers and allied experts. The Indian culture is vast and diverse and offers a lot of space for fashion designers to show creativity.


The philosophy behind fashion and architecture are somewhat similar. We are identified by how we present ourselves. Without knowing the real profession of anybody, we may be able to judge what kind of a person one is merely by their attire. Fasion designing is a form of art whereby deploying the elements of aesthetics, design and beauty, we delve into the creation of clothes and other accessories that not only are a part of our attire but also our identities and lifestyle. If we dress shabbily, we are perceived as ill-managed and if we appear smart, the first impression that goes out is that we know how to carry ourselves and are conscious enough to ensure we appear well dressed.


Since we’re talking about how to become a fashion designer, we must look at the qualities that one must possess in order to fare excellently in the field of fashion. One who is motivated to have a career here must necessarily have a certain level of creativity and sense of art. This, he or she must be able to express well by putting to use drawing skills because that which is drawn on paper by a fashion designer will someday be sold in outlets. One must be ready to accept challenges and must show certain level of enthusiasm to work with different kinds of material and keep originality intact. A fashion designer must not only be creative but also highly imaginative and in that, must be able to bring about perfection in his work through the use of visual imagination, which he may be able carry down on to paper.

In India, there are a number of courses after the 12th grade which students can opt for in order to have a blossoming career in fashion. Some of the courses are listed below:


Bachelor of Design in Textile Design: –

This is a 4 years bachelor’s degree in textile design. Textile designing is the very foundation of the entire fashion industry as a person engaged in textile designing learns about the production of the textile or fabric which is eventually used to create clothes. A student enrolled in this course will be learning the concepts related to processes involved in creating and designing fabric, operating machinery used to produce textile, working on raw materials, manufacturing, graphic design, dyeing, embroidery and so on. Admission in this course may typically be taken through entrance exams such as NLAT, NIDET, NIFT Entrance Exam and so on.


Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication: –

This is a 4-year course wherein students learn the art of communicating fashion that is branding the clothes, marketing them, merchandising and so on.


Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising: –

This course focusses mainly on training the students on the fundamentals of bringing fashion from the industry to the store and then to the consumer. The art behind store designing, planning, advertising, visual merchandising, marketing and promotion are the key takeaways of this course.


Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design:–

A 4-year course, it deals with fashion holistically and addresses issues pertaining to designing garments, accessories, jewellery and so on. The student learns about putting his imaginative and creative thoughts on to paper and imparts a personalized touch to clothes and accessories. Besides theory, these courses involve a lot of practical knowledge and students get to work on different types of materials and learn the use of machines.


Bachelor of Design in Interior Design: –

As the name suggests, the students in this course gain mastery over the art of decorating the interiors of various structures. Those enrolled in this 4-year course are exposed to the concepts involved in furniture designing, designing of floors, windows, walls etc. of homes as well as the overall design of various commercial spaces such as offices and theatres.


Bachelor of Fine Arts: –

The focus of this course is to impart in-depth knowledge to the students in the areas of calligraphy, dance, architecture, sculpture designing, graphic designing and so on. It has a holistic approach towards fine arts and those interested in this field must necessarily possess excellent drawing and sketching skills. It is a 3 year program.


Besides these bachelor’s programs, there are a number of diploma programs which are usually of shorter duration and are more affordable.


To be eligible for these courses, the candidate must have passed the 12th exam from a recognized board and must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks. These courses are open to students from all streams (of 12th standard). 


Some of the top colleges to study fashion designing are:

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

  • IIFA Multimedia

  • Pearl Academy

  • Symbiosis Institute of Design

  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology


The kind of career and degree of success one might have in the field of fashion design depends on the level of creativity, passion and experience that a graduate in fashion designing displays. Students may be advised to engage in internships both during and after the program finishes. This is to ensure that one has gained and honed their skills in order to make themselves of employable standards. A fashion designer may choose to work with major fashion houses and MNCs which operate in this field. Alternatively, they may choose to work with eminent fashion experts, which are experts in designs of a particular kind and culture. After gaining sufficient work experience and exposure, one may also open their own boutique. The only barrier here is that in order to be able to do this, one needs to be able to make certain investments.


Salaries depend on the person or house with which one is working and the number of years of experience one has. Working with international brands can fetch higher income and better exposure but working with a stalwart like Sabyasachi Mukherjee offers one with the opportunity to learn a certain kind of design and specialize in the same.




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