Polytechnic courses are often considered to be a blessing for the students who want to secure employment early in their lives, i.e. quickly only after passing their class 10th. Polytechnic courses cost way lesser than other regular courses, so people with humble financial background find the course more appealing, as in the form of returns, as these courses offer around 2 lakhs per annum in any industry at the beginning of their career. The career prospects don’t halt with the polytechnic courses, as the students also have the option of continuing with their higher studies after polytechnic. Down here are some of the advantages of studying any polytechnic course. Polytechnic courses are not theoretical in nature are mostly practical in their approach. The course, given its practical orientation, helps students set their feet in the industrial companies. There are a lot of common subjects in Polytechnic and Engineering, Thus, after studying polytechnic a person acquires the necessary practical skills regarding various subjects, that a person will study in the future while pursuing engineering. Therefore, pursuing engineering after polytechnic is a popular opinion amongst the students. This leads to the next advantage. Engineering is easier after Polytechnic as there is a sense of familiarity with the subjects and the expenditure is also less. This further leads to the next advantage. Students who have completed their polytechnic course can directly join in the second year of engineering. It is possible if the students write ESET entrance exam. The biggest advantage of these Polytechnic courses is that companies nowadays are preferring diploma completed polytechnic students in recruitments, over the rest of the engineering students. It is because of the fact that many engineering graduates leave the jobs midway and more frequently to hunt for better job prospective. This gives the polytechnic students the edge, as they are considered by the companies to be more reliable and trustworthy. Courses and Career scope in Polytechnic 1. Diploma in Electronics and Communication This course is subject to be completed in three years. After completion of this course, graduates may get opportunities in areas like an Electrical and electronic field, IT sectors, Colleges, and Universities, Communication and Media, Automobiles, Media, Advertising, Telecom Services, etc. The individuals who graduate from this course can start as Trainee engineers and then can get the opportunity to work in the footing of Communication System Operator, Electronics Engineer, Television Production Manager, Audiovisual Production Specialist, Electronics Executive, Broadcast and Sound Technician, Communication Operator, Radio Journalist, Technical Head, etc. Companies like Bharati Airtel, Reliance Communications, Idea cellular, TATA communications, BSNL like companies providing job opportunities for students with Diploma in electronics and communication certificates. 2. Diploma in Computer Engineering The duration across which this course entirely spans around is three years. The students who graduate from this course can start their job career with Junior programmer and can later find themselves in the successful fields like telecommunication companies, financial companies, manufacturing companies, retail companies, agricultural industries etc. They are recruited in these areas with various options in terms of different positions that include programmer, system analyst, cloud architect among many others. Companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL Technologies, Polaris are the leading job providers in this field. 3. Diploma in Automobile Engineering Like the other diploma courses, this course too, is timed at a duration of three years. Students with this diploma can start their career with service engineering trainee and later may get opportunities in fields like the Automobile industry, Colleges, and Universities, Communication and Media, Automobiles, Media, Advertising, Electrical and electronic field, Telecom Services, etc. These professionals may work in positions like Automobile Engineer, Design Engineer, Associate Manager, Storekeeper, Production Engineer, Field Service Engineer, Quality Engineer, Assistant Engineer, etc. The average salary for these professionals ranges between INR 2 to 15 Lacs per anum, as per their experience and expertise in this field. Companies like TATA, Mahindra and Mahindra, Suziki, Toyota, Bajaj, Yamaha Automobile Manufacturing Companies are the leading job providers in this field.

4. Diploma in Civil Engineering Like all the conventional Polytechnic diploma courses, the duration of this course too is three years. Students with Civil Engineering diploma can start their career with Site engineers and later such professionals are hired in capacities such as Assistant Manager, Civil Engineering, Assistant Field Inspector, Construction Site Assistant Supervisor, Assistant Faculty Member, Executive Engineer, Project Engineer/ Co-ordinator, Quality Control Engineer, Researcher, Chief Engineer, Division Head, Civil Engineering, Project Manager, Civil Engineering, Senior Engineer, Supervisory Engineer, Professor/ Teacher, Independent Consultant, Director of Public Works, etc. DLF, Unitech, Jaypee associates, GMR Infra, Lanc Infra, Mitas are just some of the major companies that hire these fresh professional, possessing polytechnic certificates. 5. Diploma in Textile Technology Unlike the rest of the polytechnic diploma courses on the list, the duration of this course is slightly longer, as it spans across a period of three and a half years. Candidates with this diploma can start their job career as a Process engineer and later On successful completion of this course the candidate can apply for the various employment areas like Textile manufacturing, export houses, multimedia firms, entertainment fields, advertisement areas, craft centers, etc. where there is a wide range of career opportunities like Textile designer, fashion designer, carpet designer, research assistant, carpet designer, etc. Textile designers embrace an experimental and innovative vision of what a finished textile will look like with an in depth understanding of the technical aspects of production and the properties of fibre, yarn and dyes. Leading recruiters for the students with these diploma certificates are Companies like Vimal, Raymonds, Aravind mills, Bombay Dyeing, Grasim industries. 6. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Probably the most famous and the most opted course on this list, a diploma course in Mechanical Engineering, just like most of the others, has a duration of three years. Students graduating as professionals from these courses are majorly find a career with manufacturing firms. The government sector also is a major contributor when it comes to giving these professionals a job. The government sector hires them for maintaining and designing the machinery, in fields such as Defense, CPWD, PWD, Posts and telegraphs, Agriculture, Power plants, Steel plants, Automobile industry, Aeronautics, Railways, Space research institutes and many more. Candidates with a postgraduate degree in the discipline, or with an additional management degree in the field can find work in executive and managerial positions. In the rural division, mechanical designers assume a vital part by the beginning administration or service centers support for: tractors, pump sets, electric engines, oil motors and other horticultural devices. Companies like Voltas, ACC Ltd., BOSCH, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Infotech, Maruti Suzuki are also major recruiters.



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