If you are a student in India, one of the biggest hurdles that you faced or will be certainly facing will be a choosing your career after 12th. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by students all over the world mainly because, what we decide at this point of life determines the kind of work we will be doing for the rest of our lives. In India, students as well as their families undergo a lot of stress to help the child make a career choice for himself and because all of us want safety and security in our lives, we often end up opting for the more conventional courses. And we choose to go wherever the herd goes. As a result, the conventional choices of students after 12th is engineering, medical field, law and so on. But these courses are not the end of the world. There are several career choices that students can opt for after 12th, courses which not only provide good job prospects but have a lot of industry demand and value too. One such field is pharmacy. Today, we’re going to explore together the career prospects in Pharmacy after 12th grade in India. B.Pharm – Bachelor of Pharmacy is the most popular program when it comes to choosing pharmacy as a career option after completing 12th grade exams in India. This is an important exam because it is a prerequisite for you to be able to practice as a pharmacist, i.e. being able to run your own medicine shop and we all know that medicine shop proprietors make a lot of profit, due to the ever increasing demand for medicines and new and complex diseases we keep hearing every now and then. Bachelor of Pharma is the study of making as well as deciding upon the right kind of drugs to be administered to the patient suffering from a particular kind of disease. Students of B.Pharma learn about the impact that different chemicals and substances have on the human body and the properties of such substances. Aspirants who want to go for this course must have at least 50% marks in their 10+2 in science subjects. It is usually not open to students who opted for non-science subjects in their 12th exams. This is a 4 years course and typically, to get admission and complete the degree one may have to spend anything close to a lakh rupees. Some of the best colleges from where you might want to pursue your B.Pharma to give your pharmacy career a boost, are Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Poona College of Pharmacy, University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Chandigarh), Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and so on. After earning a B.Pharma degree, students can go for higher education and choose to pursue degree courses such as Master of Pharmacy or MBA in Health Care Administration. Students who perform well during their course may also sit for placement and work with multinational companies. Top recruiters for B.Pharma students include companies like Cipla, Zydus and Ranbaxy. There are a lot of career options for B.Pharma students and they may practice in Food and Drug Administration, educational institutions, health and wellness centres, marketing departments of various pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Although there are a number of good colleges that will take students on the basis of the marks scored in 12th grade, a number of them admit students on the basis of their performance in the entrance exams. Some entrance exams you might want to keep an eye on include BITSAT, WBJEE and TSEAMCET. D.Pharma – The Diploma in Pharmacy is a full time course spanning 2 years. It is devised to ensure that candidates are able to dispense with their obligations well when working under the supervision of a pharmacist. The course aims to equip students with the skills required to fill orders under the supervision of a pharmacist, operate the computer systems and fill order details and information pertaining to the client, identify prescriptions and work them, understand the sciences behind calculation of dosage of drugs, practices and procedures and apply the basic code of ethics and be well versed with the legislations. To be eligible for pursuing a D.Pharma course, a student must be having a 10+2 or equivalent qualification in any stream from a recognized educational institution. Clearly, the difference between B.Pharma and D.Pharma is while B.Pharma is mainly open those who had science stream in 12th grade exams, D.Pharma provides a window for non-science students too to enter the field of pharma. Another additional benefit of doing this course is that if you have a D.Pharma degree, you may be able to study B.Pharma courses by virtue of the method known as lateral entry. There are certain universities where, if you have a D.Pharma degree with at least 50% marks and had science subjects in 12th grade exams, you can directly get entry into the second year of the B.Pharma programme. Thus, technically, by spending just one extra year, you get two degrees instead of one. Some of the top institutions from where you might want to pursue the D.Pharma course are Lovely Professional University, Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharma and DIT University Dehradun. D.Pharma degree holders may work at various pharmaceutical companies at any stage of the production process; they may also work as chemists, pharmacists, medical transcriptionists and so on. Bachelor of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Chemistry – This course is one of the most advanced courses for those who are of the view of having a career in pharma after their 12th exams. It is a 4 year full time course where in students learn about drugs, their formation and administration, dosage and impact on the human body. During the program, the students gain an insight into concepts related to various practical aspects of pharmacology. The benefit of this course that sets it apart from various other pharma courses is that during this course, students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also have to attent lab sessions where they are taught about the application of various sophisticated instruments. The eligibility criteria for this course is the same as B.Pharma. Students opting for B.Pharma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry may work with MNCs such as Cipla, Abbott etc. They may also work at various hospitals, private medical shops etc. Bachelor of Pharmacy in Ayurveda – This course is much in vogue these days due to the international attention that Ayurveda and yoga have been receiving during the decade. It is a 4 year course where in students gain a complete and holistic insight about the rare knowledge of ayurvedic medicine, the basics sciences of Ayurveda, the preparation and administration of ayurvedic machines and so on. The eligibility criteria for this course is the same as that of B.Pharma. Some of the best universities to pursue this course from are LPU, Dr. D. Y. Patil University and University of Delhi. Admission into the course is done both on the basis of merit in 12th standard as well as through entrance tests such as GPAT, NIPER JEE, LPUNEST etc. Those with a degree in B.Pharma in Ayurveda may work as Ayurveda therapist or Ayurveda specialist, both of which are in much demand and their roles are almost the same as a conventional doctor.



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