Students nowadays take a very keen interest in studying medicine courses especially ayurvedic medicine courses. In this article, we have provided details about job opportunities, scope as well as benefits of Ayurvedic medicines in India. The field of Ayurvedic Medicine is growing steadily and has been giving job opportunities to work in hospitals or to start one’s own clinic or practice. This article has also given complete details about the ayurvedic medicine study and its career opportunities in the context of India. The most important goal of this branch of medicine is to increase longevity so that people can live healthy and fulfilling lives. It enables the body to heal naturally with natural ingredients so that there is no need for synthetic medicines or surgery. Also the treatment of Ayurveda is very wide and it has the potential to cure all types of diseases and that too naturally. Plus, it does not have side effects. This is a 5000 years old branch of medicine that has withstood the test of time and has proved to be valuable in every way. It is natural, sustainable and healthy for your mind, body and the environment as well. Ayurveda looks beyond the symptoms and tries to find the underlying causes of the diseases like faulty lifestyles, excessive drinking, disturbed sleeping patterns and stress levels to completely cure the ailments and restore health and wellbeing. This branch does not deal with prescribed medicines. Rather it focuses on a healthy diet, adequate rest, exercise, massage, yoga, weight management and most importantly, happiness! What is Ayurvedic Medicine? The term Ayurveda refers to ‘knowledge of life’. The simple definition of ‘Ayurvedic doctor or Vaid’ is the skilled medical expert who uses Ayurvedic medicines to treat and cure the ailments of the human body. Ancient Ayurvedic medicinal techniques and therapies are one of the ancient therapies of Indian medicines which are now famous all over the world. They are made of natural herbs and medicinal plants or techniques like massage and yoga. In a world where synthetic products are becoming a hazard, both to life and environment, Ayurveda comes to the rescue. Synthetic medicines have numerous side effects like weight gain, hormonal imbalance, infertility, sleeplessness, etc. but Ayurveda has no such qualms and it can be done by anyone, even infants and young children. Ayurvedic medicines that are prepared are usually based on a large number of medicinal preparations and lifestyle measures to treat many types of illness and diseases. It also stresses on the importance of meditation and the immense benefit that it brings. Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine Courses in the modern era This article is primarily concerned with the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines. The foremost purpose of this article is to acquaint with various types of ayurvedic medicines, techniques and their multifarious advantages. Treats depression, lowers stress and anxiety: Ayurveda naturally and permanently cures these ailments using herbs and meditation. Regular breathing exercises, inspirational chanting and medicinal herbs can work wonders for mental disorders like these. Treatment of cholesterol and High Blood pressure: these two are the most important causes of cardiovascular disorders. Ayurvedic diets of vegetables, herbs and legumes can bring about a balance in the body and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Meditation, yoga and exercise aid this process and help save people from life threatening diseases. Atherosclerosis can also be prevented if cholesterol and hypertension are kept in check. Helps in recovery from illness, diseases and injuries in a safe way. Aids in improving one’s diet and making it more antioxidant rich and healthier. This kind of diet is easy to digest and helps in longevity. Helps in losing weight and creating weight balance and management. Checks hormonal imbalance and maintains the body cycles. Ayurveda has certain time tested remedies for treatment of common ailments: Whenever we suffer from any ailment of ordinary nature, it is in human nature to handle it lightly. Due to our indifference towards this, some of the illnesses vanish on their own accord to our great astonishment. But some also come off to stay longer in our body for a larger period of time perturbing us. Ayurveda gives us the time tested remedies for the ordinary nature of illnesses that keep on very frequently troubling us all the time and the approaches of their treatments through natural remedies. Common medicines that we use regularly are not really safe: It is our common habit of eating medicines without any prior medical prescription. This article hopes to discuss the chief side effects of the common medicines that we use without the guidance of an expert and how we can easily do away with it if we follow Ayurveda. We also intend to create this awareness against the casual use of drugs and tablets without any prescription. Instead, Ayurvedic medicines should be taken for these purposes. Choice of medicine as a profession A lot of students take well informed decisions regarding their choice of career. This has beneficial outcomes for the candidate as well as for our society and community. In this article we touch upon this particular branch in the field of medicine. Students who choose Ayurveda as their career option are making a sensible decision. Job opportunities and scope of Ayurvedic medicine courses in India Ayurveda is also known as a holistic medicinal branch. We live in such an age where we manifest our own diseases by our unhealthy lifestyles and habits. This can be cured by Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine can be used either alone or in combination with allopath. There is a lot of scope for ayurvedic doctors in our country because long term benefits of Ayurveda are more and a lot of people are turning towards natural remedies. India is the birth place of this branch and because of this a lot of patients come to India to seek Ayurvedic treatment. Hence the demand for ayurvedic doctors is increasing globally also. After attaining bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda, the student can go for MD (Doctor of medicine – Ayurveda) and MS (Master of Surgery- Ayurveda). These are the post graduate courses. There are many such institutions in India which offer these courses and the students can opt for them. Ayurvedic doctors can go for general practice, clinical research, hospital administration, health care administration, work as health supervisor, etc. government hospitals also recruit ayurvedic doctors and you must look out for vacancies. You can start your own private clinic or any retail store. You can also work at ayurvedic massage centers and spas which are very popular these days or you can set up such centres of your own. Many multinational companies also hire ayurvedic doctors as research scientists. This is a growing field of study and in the coming days, it will become more and more popular!



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