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This is one of the most excellent Universities in Canada which is also a popular choice for study abroad programs. The university offers an incredibly amazing and high-standard education in many fields accompanied with the research opportunities which make it a popular choice. The students can enrol in any one of 108 courses and programs comprising degree programs, diploma programs and certificate courses. The candidates can find all kinds of resources and information regarding them online on the official website. The cross-cultural and open environment at the university forms a perfect ground for a cordial and harmonious campus life. Key attractions of the university: Impeccable and top-notch research facilities to provide a competent learning environment Modern Pharmaceutical Labs Exposure to all-round development in terms of character, profession and education Various clubs, events and grant competitions are organized for a healthy competition and recreation There is a Smart Park which is futuristic and offers the latest facilities Courses offered in the University of Manitoba (5 most popular): Medicine Health Sciences Management Nursing Science

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The medical education at the University is one of the most reputed one and comprises of UG, PG and PHD programs. The courses are offered in the allied and basic medicine as well. There is no course which is entirely similar to the MBBS in India. The universities offer formal PG Courses. Candidates that wish to take admission in the UG courses, have to pass the IELTS or TOEFL exam for the language proficiency. All the courses are imparted in English or French. Hence, you must pass this test. To take the direct admission, you have to enrol in the UG Science course. You have to take and pass the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test for the admission. 

Eligibility for admission:

  • The candidate must have passed the Medical College Admission Test or another equivalent exam for admission. 
  • The candidates can directly take admission in the Doctor of Medicine given that they have a Bachelor Degree or Undergraduate Degree in Science or Biology.
  • The course duration varies from three to five years. The candidates that apply without a Science degree have to study the first year as a preparatory year. For the candidates with Bachelor Degree in Biology or Science, the course is of 4 years.
  • Language proficiency test must be passed.


Scope of Medicine Courses in Canada:

The courses are world renowned and recognized and offer top-notch education. The University of Manitoba offers lots of programs and courses in Medicine along with an impeccable environment for research and innovation. The students can obtain a Master Degree directly as there is no UG course in Medicine. The cross-cultural campus allows the students to study in a diverse talent pool and explore different categories of profession. There are various Governmental and non-government scholarships in Canada. This makes the education highly affordable and is perfect for the bright students with limited means. The teaching and training methods are commendable and are reputed among the universities in the whole world. The University offers a state of the art infrastructure with a vibrant campus life. After the course completion, the students can choose to specialize in a specific domain without having to switch the University as it offers PHD and many other specialization courses in the same campus. The training period offers unparalleled scope for research and experimentation with the doctors studying the real life cases and diagnosing patients. The Volunteer work is yet another amazing part of medical education in Canada.


The university offers Pre-Master’s, MSC, Masters of Engineering and PHD degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biosystems and Civil Engineering. The admissions can be taken as per the admission deadline and application deadline released by the university. All the fee details and deadlines can be found on the official website. The Masters courses span over two years and the PHD spans over 3.5 years normally. The Pre-Masters course spans over one year and is for the fulfilment of any UG course deficiencies. The courses in Engineering comprise of the classes, exams and practical work. The higher degree programs also involve research work.

Eligibility for admissions in Engineering:

  • The candidates must have taken and passed the language proficiency test (IELTS or TOEFL).
  • The candidates must have obtained at least 70% marks in high school graduation. These marks must be obtained in the three senior level courses. At least 60% marks must be obtained in the first language literature. 
  • A minimum of 85% marks in the High School Graduation is a must for the Faculty Direct Entry. The candidates must have obtained at least 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Pre-Calculus Maths. 
  • The candidates must have at least 6.5 overall band score in IELTS or 86 total score in TOEFL, with at least 20 in each component. 

The other documentation and English Proficiency Waiver requirements can be found online.


Scope of Engineering Course:

The Engineering Course opens whole new world of job opportunities after the completion. The students can either opt for higher studies or choose the professional career. The jobs are high-paying with fair working hours. The international students can find work in the indigenous companies as well as the other MNCs spread across the nation. They can even opt for research and development as the opportunities for the same are excellent. After getting some experience, migration and application for more challenging, but high-paying jobs can be submitted.


The Management courses are also very popular among the international students and comprise of the following:

  • Master of Business Administration or MBA
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Science in Management
  • PHD in Management

All the courses have different eligibility requirements and span over different duration. Find the details in the following section.


  • Asper MBS consists of 60 Credit Hours for the coursework and 3 credit hours for the auxiliary bootcamps. 
  • Expected duration is one to six years.

Master of Finance:

  • It comprises of professional and academic training and prepared the students for the three CFA exams.
  • Course duration is one year.

MSC in Management:

  • The course is research oriented and involves the submission of a thesis or practicum. 
  • The students work with the faculty mentors on a one-on-one basis. 
  • Course duration is two years.

PHD in Management:

  • The candidates are required to spend a fix number of hours on working for a faculty member and submission of thesis. 
  • The students work on different projects with the faculty members.
  • The course is well-suited for the candidates seeking admission in teaching or academic career. 
  • The course spans over four years. 


  • MBA admission requires a valid score in GRE or GMAT; Letter of Recommendation (2 in number); two years’ professional experience; and a Bachelor’s Degree of at least three years.
  • Master of Finance requires a minimum 3-year Bachelor's degree from a recognized institution; at least 550 marks in GMAT with at least 60th percentile quantitative score or equivalent in GRE and two letters of recommendation.
  • MSC requires an Honours Bachelor's degree in Management or any Business course or a degree in any other closely related Major. At least 600 marks in GRE or GMAT; a statement of intent and three letters of recommendation.

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Scope of the Management Courses:

The current job scenario calls for the managers that can look beyond the age-old principles and ways of dealing with business management and business processes. Hence, a global degree in Management is certainly one of the best stepping stones towards an excellent career. Apart from offering the chance of learning and training under the experts, the courses in management also allow the candidates to experience and understand the various pain-points of a modern business environment. The courses are designed such that the class work and theory is complemented by the practical work. The real-life business cases are discussed and researched upon to hone the management skills. 

The students get to learn the basics of management as per the latest business world. The curriculum is advanced and developed such that the students turn into professionals that can deal with the current business world that comprises of start-ups and SMBs. Well, things don’t end here as the lucrative career prospects offer high-paying jobs and a lavish lifestyle; especially if you are talented and hard working. 

The courses can be followed by the other certifications and standards in Management and Business to add more laurels to your resume. The management professionals have a wide range of jobs open for them.


It is yet another lucrative career option offered by the University of Manitoba. The University offers the Bachelor of Nursing; Masters of Nursing; Master Program: Nurse Practitioner Stream and PHD in Nursing. The course is one of the best courses in allied health and medicine. Find the details in the following section:

Bachelor of Nursing or BN:

  • Course spans over four years and offers a hands-on clinical practice and education in primary medical care. 
  • The course comes with access to state of the art facilities and infrastructure and getting trained under the internationally recognized faculty. The total number of seats is 240. 

Masters of Nursing:

  • There are four streams in Nursing Program – Administration, Education, Clinical and Nurse Practitioner.
  • The course is also available for the part-time studies. Duration is two to fours years.
  • The students are offered a more detailed and research-oriented education in the related fields to achieve a higher level of expertise. 

Masters Program: Nurse Practitioner Stream:

  • The degree is awarded via a non-thesis program which is innovative and course-based. 
  • It involves 45 credit hours and more than 700 clinical hours. The hours will be counted towards the advanced practice level. The course involves imparting advanced skills and knowledge to the nurses.

PhD in Nursing:

  • This is one of the most research and study intensive nursing program which calls for a pioneer education in the field of nursing.
  • The students complete a core curriculum of 12 credit hours and work along with the supervisor in addition to submission of thesis. 
  • The students have to pass the exams and submit a unique and independent thesis on the area of interest.
  • Generally, the course spans over four years.


  • Master of Nursing:

Bachelor Degree in Nursing, Mental Health Nursing or Psychiatric Nursing (4 year); Statement of Intent; RN Registration Proof; Resume; and three Letters of Recommendation.

  • Master of Nursing: Nurse Practitioner:

A valid proof of having completed 3600 hours of full-time clinical practice. These hours must have been completed within the past five years.

  • PHD in Nursing:

A Master's degree in Nursing; Resume; Statement of Intent; three letters of recommendation; and two publication or Writing Samples.

  • Nursing (Bachelor):

Mathematics and English requirements as per the latest norms set by the University. At least 30 credit hours required in the 1000 level or higher course.

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Scope of Nursing:

Nursing opens a wide world of opportunities in medicine and allied health sector. The nurses assist the doctors in the daily work. They can also act as special care-givers and open their own practice. In case, the person has a research-oriented mind, he or she can also opt for higher studies. The University offers an impeccable course framework and research opportunities for the students. The masters programs and part-time programs are also offered to the graduates. The doctoral programs focus on the research and academic improvement. 

In case you the students are not interested in the higher studies, they can join the health and medicine sector in the nation or outside. The medicine sector is teeming with jobs with lots of private and governmental hospitals and health centres opening across the world. The Nursing course equips you to deliver all kinds of primary medical care and attention. So, the professionals can also contribute to the social work and volunteer work.

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