The country has ranked in various lists determining the quality of life and education. Canada is one of the top ten places for studying abroad. It also holds a top place amongst the G-8 Countries. Jobs are available to the students as well and government norms are also supportive. The country has a friendly and outgoing culture with almost negligible hate crimes. Educational Institutions in Canada enjoy enviable ranks in the global rankings. The country is a peaceful and beautiful place that makes it all the more better for studying abroad.
Canadian Education System:
Canada is one of the most educated countries in the world with a high literacy rate. As per the stats, more than 65% people obtained higher educational qualifications. The country offers education in three levels:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Post-Secondary

The country offers internationally recognized university programs across rural and urban areas. There are two semesters in one university year and courses begin in September and January. Many Canadian Universities have received reputed ranks among the global listings. The job market is teeming with lucrative offers for the talented graduates.
Why study in Canada?
Canada offers education in English and everywhere you can find English speaking population. Education is imparted in French and English. You can easily choose the medium as per your choice.
Canada has world-best universities offering a wide range of courses. Some of the most reputed and notable universities in Canada are as follows:

  • University of Toronto  
  • University of Montreal 
  • University of British Columbia 
  • University of Alberta 
  • McGill University

The country has a diverse and cosmopolitan environment that allows for a better cultivation of educational and other talents. Students engage in constructive activities and hate crimes are very less. Teachers, researchers, programmers and employers – diversity is ambient everywhere!
Most of the curricula are research oriented and Universities also promote R&D. The universities take pride in their discoveries and also offer special grants and facilities to promote such activities.
The country is known for a safe environment and a high quality of life.
So, Canada is undoubtedly a good choice!

To study in Canada, you must complete the documentary requirement for the students. Apply for the visa after the arrival of your admission letter. You can apply for studying via English or French or both. You have to undertake the exams for admission in the university or college you are seeking admission in. Once the formalities for admission are over, you have to comply with the regulations of visa and employment and then apply for the visa. Schedule the tickets as per the visa processing time for your country. You can ask for help from some person that is familiar with the process. 
It is important to learn English or French in case your mother tongue is different. You must choose the language proficiency such that your education is not hampered.
Things you must know as an International Student: Admissions are mostly done on the basis of examination, student exchange programs and scholarship programs. 
You might or might not be allowed to work side by side depending on the norms for our home country. 
It is important to abide by the law and banking formalities. Many universities don’t offer hostels to the international students, or the number of students exceeds the hostel capacity. Hence, apply well in time to avoid expenses on accommodation.
The student exchange programs might come with added clauses for employment and stay. So, check all of them before going.




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